Sugar is a gorgeous substance. We learned about space, organization and how to work with the material limitations. Also, we had our first concept of working with space and its organization through primary, regular & irregular forms. Those compose its definition of shape variations such as dimensional, subtractive, additive transformation.

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My primary resource was dowels which had different sizes and diameters. These interactions of variations created depth and volume perception. For example, two dowels of smaller diameter correspond to a bigger dowel. The organization of the dowel by changing the spacing, width, height and juxtaposing the location of systems matters to define spaces clearly.

On project III – Defining spaces with vertical spaces - we identify void, mass and solid perception, the addictive and subtraction, and economy of elements to make a bright space with the integration of areas and its relationships like abutting rooms. In addition to studying spaces, it is essential to know the definition of it, which is the dimensions of height, depth, and width within all things exist and move.

Creating our concept is fundamental to exciting work. On this organization, eight criteria were considered: Exciting interaction of elements; avoid of multiples elements layer (puzzle); the variety of factors and measurements; full interaction of components and site space, and unlimited functions on the area.

An artist needs a quiet and private place to work where he can entirely focus on his project. For this reason, the studio is upstairs by itself. It is a most-opened ample space to get as much softer light needed. It has a unique shape because all his works are exceptional, so the difference in the geometric approach was applied. It has the highest hierarchy of the house.